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Vera Omdal Lykseth

FROG-instructor and a certified professional Co-Active Coach

Vera Lykseth is one of the Lykseth- daughters. She is a registered nurse, a certified professional co-active coach and a certified FROG-instructor. She leads classes with own programs directly to the target group, and she educates new FROG-trainers. In addition, she does individual follow – up of the participants of the programs.

Vera started working for lyk-z & daughters in November 2013. She thinks that availability is a key word for extra service, hence she is available for receiving phone calls regardless what day or time of the day. She works on textes and she is getting close to publishing a first book in cooperation with the family company.

I received coaching from Vera after experiencing major stress in my life (loss, life-threatening illness, divorce). The conversations with Vera gave me time and space to reflect and feel things. I experienced Vera to be empathetic and professional. It feels like she is honoring confidentiality and yet has the little extra that makes me feel she really cares.
– Woman, 43 years old

I’ve gone to coaching at lyk-z & daughters with Vera for half a year. From this I have gained a stronger driving force to work towards my dreams and what matters to me. During the school year I have gone from a D to a strong B average, through conversations with Vera. I have created a better routine in my everyday life, and I have begun to change my thinking on how to undertake a task that is boring or difficult. lyk-z & daughters with Vera have helped me to start working for my dreams.
– Thor, 22 years old

I want to use my enthusiasm and endurance to help generate engagement and joy in others.


Vera is a registered nurse, and she has previously worked 6 years as a nurse, the last 3 of them as a teamleader. She has worked actively for increasing the level of activity and socialization amongst elders at nursing homes. She took part in a FROG-trainer course in October 2013, and she started in lyk-z in November 2013. She became a certified professional co – active coach in January 2018.

A key word and clue in a lot of Veras work is about initiation and how to help others generate their own motivation and vigor. The target group is youths who need a change, and other consultants or supervisors who work with youths and who wants to be certified in the FROG-methodology. Vera offers leadership training in groups and individual coaching.

Contact information


Phone: +47 920 30 322

  • She has lead approximately 20 of todays certified FROG-trainers through their certification course/ part 1 of the education.
  • She has around 2.200 hours of experience in process leading in groups with the target group youth at risk.
  • She participated in the first youth project of its kind in lykz & daughter´s new partnership with Grep Grenland from the spring 2016.
  • She participated in the implementation of FROG as a method for one company of consultants working with inmates, the winter of 2017.
  • She has developed and arranged events and gatherings both for the target group youth at risk and also for our partners and certified FROG-trainers. She has also participated in writing new certification programs.
  • She has 3 years of experience as a CPCC
  • She was in Milan in October 2019 supporting and certifying two new Italian FROG-trainers as part of the JA Europe project (Junior Achievement Europe)
  • She has worked on a book-project about the FROG-methodology together with her family and family company.

Vera is known for her enthusiasm

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