Over the years lyk-z & daugthers as has been involved in small and large projects
in Norway and abroad.

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Road to Freedom, 2022-2024

The Road to Freedom, is a 24-month Erasmus+ EU project that includes 6 organizations from 6 European countries working on a support program for inmates and ex-inmates in and after incarceration in prisons through proven FROG leadership and life-mastery training and peer mentoring.

Aim: The project aims to teach and implement methods to inmates and ex-inmates to break the vicious cycle of criminality and multiple prison stays through personal empowerment.

Target Groups: The project’s target groups are firstly convicts and ex-convicts and secondly marginalized groups everywhere in the world as well as several stakeholders (such as trained peers).

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Inclusion and empowerment in entrepreneurship
and social innovation training, 2021-2023

The project is focused on solving problems with the inclusion of disadvantaged children and youth in primary and secondary schools. Cooperation is an important pillar of the project – many European countries, like the Czech Republic, face similar problems in integrating disadvantaged groups into society, and the transfer and sharing of best practices and examples of good practice can help address them.

The aim of this call is to develop, support and strengthen the competencies of primary and secondary school teachers in the inclusive education of children and youth not only in the field of business and social innovation.

For this reason, the CpKP North Moravia has established cooperation with the non-profit organizations Lyk-z & daughters from Norway and Einurd from Iceland, which have experience with inclusive education and training in business and social innovation in these countries. The expert consultants of the project are representatives of an Icelandic organization Móðurmál – the Association on Bilingualism  and Pedagogical-Psychologist Counseling Center in Šumperk.



Job coaching through an online e-Scape Room for people with disabilities, 2021-2023

Statistics show that people with disabilities are more exposed than others to unemployment and social exclusion. During the recent lockdown educators, VET mentors and job coaches working with people with disabilities have found a lot of challenges to continue delivering career advice and job coaching to their target group mainly due to: A lack of digital competences for mentoring and job coaching online.

The Work@ble project is a 2-year European project that brings together organizations offering job coaching to people with disabilities, the creators of the FROG methodology and one expert in developing accessible IT solutions.

Work@ble Outcomes:

  • Create an e-Scape Room: Training and assessing job skills tailor-made to people with learning needs and cognitive difficulties due to disabilities
  • Guidelines for Job Coaches and VET mentors in how to use the e-Scape Room
  • A collection of job coaching resources and tools addressed to people with disabilities



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European Platform of Rehabilitation (EPR), 2019-2022

lyk-z delivers a program with a set of FROG tools that work- and rehabilitation companies (EPR) in Greece, Slovenia, Belgium and Spain will train their job coaches and YPWD (young people with disabilities) in. The goal is to create increased work inclusion for young people who have various mental and physical limitations. The project is supported by Erasmus + funds.

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Project manager and responsible for content together with Trygg Trafikk
(The Norwegian Council for Road Safety)

-Be Zeen- a traffic safety conference for young participants in collaboration
with Trygg Trafikk Telemark, 2019

Young people outside organized school and working life aged 18-24 are overrepresented in serious accidents, where intoxication, speed and lack of safety are contributing factors. The conference had a double message to be seen, both in life and in traffic, with a focus on everyone being able to make a difference by making good and safe choices, both for their own future and in traffic.



NEETS in Entrepreneurship
by Junior Achievement Europe, 2019-2021

1600 young participants (NEETS) from four countries; Italy, Spain, Romania and Bulgaria received FROG Leadership training. Tailored with training in business development and mentoring in national HUBER. The goal is to create new jobs and inclusion in the labor market. The project was supported by EEA funds.



Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program for European Youth
-in collaboration CIPFP Misericordia i Valencia, Spain, 2015

Young people from Norway and Spain with different starting points and education, and all with challenges in entering working life, received a special version of the FROG Leadership Program. A tailored training in identity development and entrepreneurship, where the goal was to develop their own business ideas to prevent exclusion in Norway and Spain.

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