Jorunn Slaattedal

Jorunn Slaattedal

Certified CTI Coach & Welfare Gardner

Jorunn is a certified CPCC Co-Active Coach since the fall of 2014. She had been out of the workforce for over 10 years when she participated in a FROG program in February 2013. After completing the program, she went straight back to work, now as a temporary Welfare Gardner at lyk-z, and not long after Jorunn started her CTI Co-active Coach education.

While she worked as a Welfare Gardner for lyk-z she was responsible for our guests and the office. She ensured that everyone felt welcomed and well looked after. She also worked as an assistant during our in-house FROG-programs.

I’ve even been on the outside of the workforce for many years and I know how hard life can seem to be. My life did a complete turnaround after the FROG-course I attended. My mission in life is to ensure that everybody will get to know their innermost, wonderful selves.


Jorunn was for many years responsible for taking care of the visiting performers and artists at Parkbiografen and she has also worked as an IT secretary for NetInvent AS. When Jorunn participated in a FROG-program in February 2013, she had been out of the workforce for over 10 years. After her FROG-training she went straight to work and in August 2013 she started her co-active coach education.

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Jorunn is known for her generosity and warm hugs

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