Ingeborg Lykseth

Ingeborg Lykseth

CEO & developer of the lyk-z method

Through her diverse background, Ingeborg has a great breadth of knowledge from psychiatry and coaching, to film directing and process management, and as a speaker and motivator. She has developed a method and established a unique program with elements from several of these fields called FROG Online Identity.

lyk-z & daughters, with Ingeborg in the forefront, was in 2012 voted the Social Entrepreneur of the year by the FERD Group.

Ingeborg has for many years provided coaching to both individuals and groups through talks and various workshops and courses both in Norway and abroad.

She has held courses, lectures and workshops on topics such as entrepreneurship, dignity, identity, communication, impact, stereotyping, bullying and racism. As a director, she has been behind important and informational films and commercials for both Norwegian and international companies.

Trust is for me the most important ingredient for creating progress and change. Trust is a magical state.


Ingeborg is trained in psychiatry and she is a certified co-active coach from CTI (the Coaches Training Institute). She has also one year of additional training in CTI Leadership from Spain. Ingeborg has produced and directed over one hundred films.

Contact information


Phone: +47 915 94 080


Fordrag/ workshops
Ungt Entreprenørskap, Røde Kors, Empower Media Network med ulike workshops, Digital Media Stack Training – Dublin, Ireland 2009Workshop on Media, Identity and Citizenship – Norway 2006, Create and Share – Italy 2010, Fostering Young Voices, Hear my Voice!, Create & Share 2009, NORAD, m.m.

Ballangen barne- og ungdomskole
Buliding Identity Capital, 2011.

Kommuner, attføringsbedrifter og enkeltpersoner både i og utenfor Norge.

Video og event
Utvikling av TV-serier, produksjon av film, ansvarlig produsent for event fra 10 personer til 20.000 deltakere, med ansvar for alt fra faglig innhold, konseptutvikling til scene.

Global Dignity Day
Hovedveileder og veileder.

Ingeborg is known for creating magic

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