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Hilde Skaadel

Administration Manager

Hilde Skaadel holds a Master of Arts degree in business, administration and language. She has work experience from the book industry and the advertising industry as a bookstore manager, leader and advisor.

In addition to her daily work with customers, operations, administration and finances, she is our project coordinator in Norwegian and international projects, where administration, project management, communication, marketing and reporting are key tasks.

Hilde started in lyk-z & daughters because she wanted her work to have purpose and create a lasting impact.

To work for something that enables young people to live good lives is one of the most meaningful things I can do to contribute to a better and more inclusive society


Hilde has a Bachelor’s degree in economics and languages from Distriktshøyskolen in Bø. She has worked as a bookseller, and she has experience as a consultant in the advertising industry. She joined lyk-z & daughters as because she wanted to work with something that matters to her heart.

Contact Information

E-mail: hilde@lyk-z.no

Phone: +47 915 94 080


Hilde has worked on various projects during her work career. The projects have been both operational and developmental projects for companies and customers. With different purposes and content, such as corporate culture, bonus salary, start-ups, strategy, business development, profitability, concept, communication, campaigns, websites and magazine publications.

In lyk-z, Hilde has worked extensively with both Norwegian and international projects, and often with several participating countries. All the projects have either been regarding development of lyk-z or with a goal to increase inclusion and prevent exclusion.

Hilde is known for her  👍

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