Hanne M. Bratsberg

FROG-instructor & Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Hanne M. Bratsberg is a FROG-instructor and certified professional Co-active coach from CTI. She leads workshops and programs directly with the target group, youths at risk, and she educates new FROG-trainers. In addition, she does individual follow – up of the participants of the programs. She started in lyk-z & døtre January 1st, 2014.

Hanne is also a trained creative facilitator and holds a Master of Science degree in Creativity & Change Leadership from Buffalo State, State University of New York.

It is extremely rewarding to see and to be part of the small and big changes happening with everyone who takes part in a FROG workshop.


Hanne holds a Master of Science in Creativity & Change Leadership from Buffalo State, State University of New York, and a Bachelor’s of Innovation, Creativity and Business Development from Oslo School of Management, Campus Kristiania.

Hanne has facilitated numerous creative problem solving workshops and sessions for large and small companies, as well as teaching creative thinking to high school students. Hanne has also extensive customer service experience from different roles in the fields of retail and tourism.

Contact information


Phone: +47 958 89 540

  • She has led approximately 20 of todays certified FROG-trainers through their certification course/ part 1 of the education. She has followed-up over half of them during their second part of the certification process
  • She has around 2.200 hours of experience in process leading in groups with the target group, youth at risk.
  • She was in Bucharest in November 2019, supporting and certifying two new Romanian FROG-trainers as part of the JA Europe project (Junior achievement Europe)
  • Has co-led two 3-weeks workshops with the lyk-z method FROG for students without apprenticeship
  • Has led 2 workshops titled “I can handle a little more…”
  • She participated in the first youth project of its kind in lykz & daughter’s new partnership with GREP Grenland, with start in spring 2016.
  • She participated in the implementation of FROG as a method for one company of consultants working with inmates, the winter of 2017.
  • She has developed and arranged events and gatherings both for the target group youth at risk and also for our partners and certified FROG-trainers. She has also participated in writing new certification programs.
  • She has 3 years of experience as a CPCC
  • Co-developed the current guidelines for new FROG-instructors
  • Co-developed a new assessment system for another Social Entrepreneur
  • Co-led BIC Ballangen (Building Identity Capital) 2016

Hanne is known for her calm presence

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