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lyk-z & daughters mission is to assist youth who have dropped out of school and work-life to find their inherent qualities and unique abilities, and with this quickly return to school and work. Through the lyk-z method, FROG Leadership and Life Mastery, 12 participants attend a 25-days workshop over 7 weeks that is lead by two certified FROG-trainers. The youth complete 5 modules; Vision, Identity, Communication, Impact & The Big Leap. The method is based on theories from Neurophysiology and cognitive fundamentals, communication techniques from film studies, leadership and co-active coaching. During the 7 weeks training program big positive changes happen as participants gain insight into their own personal values ​​and unique qualities, and they set goals and form a plan for their own future. During the training, and between each module, the participants work online at is a learning-based web platform where the participants answer questions and do tasks related to the various topics. On the platform they can also chat with their trainers and the other participants. The target audience is mainly young people who are at risk of dropping out of society because they have for an extended period of time not taken part in school or work life. The method is universal in the sense that it can be used on other target groups as well. A modified version of the method has been tested on a special class at a high school with very good results. The method has also been tested on long-term sick and elderly long-term unemployed. The result is the same, the participants gain faith and confidence in their own values ​​and unique qualities, and are able to form a foundation for lasting change and growth in their own lives. In addition, we have several stakeholders in cancer care, correctional services, aftercare, and with substance abuse – and psychiatry. This means that our method has a high transfer value to cover several social challenges in the future. FROG Leadership and Life Mastery is distributed primarily through certification and licensing of companies and organizations working with youth, but also through workshops at lyk-z & daughters. lyk-z & daughters as holds certification courses for new FROG-trainers in Skien, for companies across the country. We want to educate as many FROG-trainers as possible so that even more young people can live fulfilling lives with dignity, and contribute to society.

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