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Coaching is a dynamic interaction between the coach and the person who wants development (the coachee). In this situation it is the coachee’s values, goals and interests that are important. The coach’s job is to be a catalyst and one that can speed up the process in the coachee’s growth and development. We offer individual coaching and group coaching; both for individuals and companies. Co-Active coaching promotes action and learning on both the personal and professional level, through awareness, challenge and motivation. It is the person being coached who decides the topics for coaching. The objective of a coaching session is to achieve the goals and the results the coachee wants. Co-Active coaching was developed in the U.S. by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in 1992 and is today one of the leading training and coaching programs in the United States. CTI also trains coaches in England, Norway, Spain and Japan. Co-Active coaching builds on the idea that all people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Everyone holds their own answers, but some need help bringing the answers to the surface, and guidance on how to move from words to action. The purpose is to help participants see all the possibilities, work past the “should haves”, break the old patterns and solve obstacles that distracts participants from living the life they want, whether in their personal or business life. Co-Active coaching addresses the “whole” person, as what you experience at work affects your private life and vice versa.


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