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Curious about coaching?

Coaching is for you who experience challenges in your current life situation, for you who feel unrest, anxiety, have many negative mind traps, feel insecure, depressed or have low energy. These are some examples, and you can also receive coaching without having a specific challenge. Coaching can also help you bring out the hidden forces and the extra gear to be your very best version at all times.

Coaching can help you get started, gain new energy and make more profit in everyday life. Furthermore, the goal is to help you make good choices on behalf of what is important to you and give you more perspectives that give you greater creativity in a particular challenge.

Co-active coaching is based on the basic idea that all people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Everyone has the answers themselves but may need help to become aware. Help to go from words to action.

Coaching is a professional form of conversation where the coachee comes up with her own themes, wishes and possible challenges. Co-active coaching focuses on the health of the person to strengthen the coachee’s goals, values ​​and resources. The coach’s task is to be a catalyst that can speed up the process in the person’s growth and development.

Co-active coaching was developed in the United States by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in 1992 and is today one of the leaders in the United States in the education of coaches.

We can offer individual coaching or in groups both to private individuals and to the business community. Coaching can take place face to face, over the phone, or on digital platforms.


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