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About lyk-z & daughters

lyk-z & daughters’ mission is to assist youth who have dropped out of school and work-life to find their inherent qualities and unique abilities, and with this quickly return to school and work. We are a social entrepreneurship company that believes in the individual’s own ability to create its own future to a life of dignity. Being a Social Entrepreneur means finding solutions where the public is insufficient and where there is no commercial interests. lyk-z & daughters have three result lines: 1) profit, for running the business and to develop our methods 2) number of youths who go through our program, and how many of them that experience lasting change and return to society 3) contributions to good, social entrepreneurship projects, which provide growth and dignity for other people. In 2012 we were named the Social Entrepreneur of the Year by FERD Social Entrepreneurs. The recognition and financial support from winning this award opened a number of new opportunities, as well as the chance to complete our web-based learning platform; FROG Leadership and Life Mastery. In December 2012, we were adopted as the 11th Social Entrepreneurship company in FERD’s portfolio of Social Entrepreneurs. This has enabled us to reach out to even more young adults who need support to take charge of their own lives. We have also received support from a private fund. This means that even youths with economical challenges will be given the opportunity to create lasting change in their lives. Our values ​​are acceptance, generosity, dignity and magic. Magic, for us, is something that occurs when people are given 100% trust. Therefore, we know that magic exists!

Lyk-z & døtre usensurert

Quotes we are proud of

  • It was intensive and demanding, and we were challenged every day, but it resulted in a process I did not foresee, that truly gave self-knowledge and change.

  • I have increased my quality of life by becoming aware of my abilities and how I affect the people around me. I can use this awareness in any situation in my life.

  • During the 2nd week he stops taking the medicine prescribed by his psychiatrist, the sleep medicine is not needed anymore. He has finally understood that he is the only one who can make a change in his own life. That he has to be the one in the driver's seat.

    Father to boy 18 years old
  • I've received benefits since I dropped out of school at 16. I've been depressed, had anxiety and done drugs. It is not the trainers in FROG that "fix" me, they only help me by giving me tools. It is entirely up to me wether I want to do what it takes to get the change I want.

    Boy 22 years old
  • We have previously, tried EPs, family counseling, psychology specialists, with no results. It is therefore difficult to convey the change we are experiencing with our son without it sounding like a huge bluff and exaggeration. But it is true!

    Parents to boy 20 years old
  • What is experienced from day 1, is that the participants show up. The ones that previously have struggled with attendance and stability shows up to the program and stays the whole day.

  • Of these now five weeks of FROG, I have learned more than I have before at work, school and in other programs at the equal time.

  • My daughter had social anxiety, and she had trouble with drugs and alcohol. It only took a short week of FROG before she talked more and didn't care so much about what others said. I am relieved. It is impressive to see how much strength she has gained in such a short time.

    Mother of girl 19 years old
  • My life before FROG was filled with drugs and selfdestruction. After 150 hours of FROG everything has changed. I now have a life spark again and I can almost touch my dream.

    Girl 20 years old
  • A lot has changed after the program. I'm not taking antidepressants anymore. I hardly have panic attacks, and when I do, I know exactly how to handle it so I do not have to avoid the situation.

    Girl 20 years old

”Nobody gets to be wrong”

”Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will learn”
-Confucius law

”Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
-Albert Einstein

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