lyk-z & daughters mission is to assist youth who have dropped out of school and work-life to find their inherent qualities and unique abilities, and with this quickly return to school and work.

We believe in the individual’s own ability to create their own future to a life in dignity.

We provide the FROG Leadership and Life Mastery programs, coaching, lectures and film production.


FROG Leadership and Life Mastery

Ingeborg Omdal Lykseth, entrepreneur and CEO of lyk-z & daughters, has over many years developed the FROG Leadership and Life Mastery program. FROG provides youths between the ages of 16 – 30 years better opportunities to make good choices for themselves and their future. The learning platform consists of a carefully assembled and structured workshop in additional to a online platform,


FROG Leadership &
Life Mastery

Become confident in yourself and your abilities. Increase your competence in making decisions that are good for you and your desired future.

lyk-z coaching


lyk-z & daughters provides coaching to both individuals and groups. Our coaches have extensive experience in coaching and can offer coaching with different approaches.


Lectures & workshops

lyk-z & daughters delivers courses and lectures on self development, identity, communication and leadership for businesses, organizations, schools and individual groups.

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